Sammons Trucking Offers its Contractors 6-months of Free uDrove® Service

March 17, 2011

Jump Start Program Designed for Independent Contractors

to Automate Paperwork and Save Time


and uDrove LLC, which offers electronic hours of service solutions and paperwork replacement programs for

the transportation industry, are providing a unique jump start program for Sammons independent contractors.

Sammons Trucking will provide its 300+ contractors with six months of free uDrove service.

uDrove uses the functionality of a smart phone to provide a simple and easy to use tool for keeping electronic

driver logs, tracking mileage for tax purposes, recording fuel and business expenses, and completing DVIRs. In

addition, it provides the corporate office real-time visibility to driver paperwork.

“We are always looking for new and simple tools that will allow our contractors to save time and money,” said

Tim Burke, President, Sammons Trucking. “uDrove is the perfect, low-cost choice for our contractors to

automate in-cab paperwork and ease the burden on our back-office personnel.”

“The jump start program for Sammons will help to get contractors using the system at no cost,” said Joel

McGinley, president of uDrove. “Once they start to use uDrove, Sammons contractors will recognize significant

time savings in completing daily driver logs, inspection reports and managing on-road expenses and receipts.”

uDrove supports Android

providers. A complete compatible phones list is posted on the

– Sammons Trucking, a premier truckload carrier based in Montana,, BlackBerry® and iPhone® smart phones from various manufacturers and wirelessuDrove web site.

How to Get Started

Sammons Trucking contractors are encouraged to sign up for uDrove by July 1

and first six months of uDrove service paid by Sammons Trucking. To sign up, contact Phil Hinshaw at 1-800-

548-9276 or call uDrove at 888-983-7683. All Sammons Trucking contractors need to provide is their name,

phone number and email address. Plus, training is readily available.

st and will get their activation fee

About Sammons Trucking

Sammons Trucking is a premier 49-state / Canada, open-deck/truckload carrier. With its 300+ power units,

Sammons is equipped to handle all open-deck transportation needs. For more information visit

or call 1-800-548-9276.

About uDrove

uDrove is a business and compliance management tool for the long-haul trucking industry. It harnesses the

power, accessibility and portability of a smart phone to replace piles of in-cab paperwork with a simple, easy to

use phone application. uDrove is compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smart phones. For more

information about uDrove, visit: or call 888-983-7683.


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